Technology is not for technologists.

When technology is good and effective it is often not called technology.  It is a toy or a tool or a gadget or just “how I do my job.”  Technology done well is invisible.  Technology done right does not require someone from a technology team to support it.

Technology should strive to make itself obsolete.  Amazon is striving not for a better website but for a better ordering experience.  If they can help you make an order without ever browsing their website then they have hit tech nirvana.  They will have made their technology so advanced that you don’t need a middle tier.  That’s invisibility.

Smartphones are hardly considered hi tech anymore because they are everyday.  It’s just a phone.  It does what a normal phone is supposed to do.  Some of the apps that run on smartphones are still hi tech but more and more it’s “set it and forget it.”

If the goal of your technology is not to hand it off to the users while you hit a beach in Hawaii then you are likely doing it wrong.


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