How does #workplace relate to business strategy?

Theoretically your office should reflect your business strategy.

If you are a high tech, development organization your workplace should reflect teaming space as well as heads down comfortable work zones where developers can hide for days on end.  It’s a weird mix.

If you are a law firm your space might reflect the prestige of individual partners and attorneys while giving clients a sense of confidence and stability.  There will likely be lots of high quality offices and well thought out conference rooms.

If you are a professional services firm you may not need real estate at all because you’ve adopted alternative workplace strategies to the point that you no longer need space at all.

But then again, you may be one of the above types of firms and not want the “classic” space design at all (particularly if you are trying to differentiate).  Workplace and business strategy go hand-in-hand.  It isn’t possible to have a highly innovative and collaborative business strategy yet have a high percentage of high end private offices.  The two items are incompatible.

Workplace is the first representation of your business vision.  Workplace is to your employees what your website is to your customers.  It’s how they know your intentions and goals for them.  It tells them whether they should sit quietly in their office or if they should be out socializing and collaborating with colleagues.


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