Google #Inbox is the next big thing for #productivity.

About 2 weeks ago I received an invite to Google Inbox.  I have never loved my email so much.  I hope they roll it out to Exchange soon because no system I’ve ever used has made it easier to be in charge of your email world.

I’ve been a gmail user for over a decade now and an Outlook Exchange user for about 9 years.  Both have their strengths and weaknesses and neither have quite nailed making it easy to organize messages.  I spend many hours a month simply filing emails away in groupings that make sense.  Outlook I have to be very diligent about good filing because it has terrible search abilities.  Google I can be more loose but it’s not quite as good at general organizing because you don’t have to be diligent.

Inbox is the best of both worlds.  Google has realized that many emails can quickly and easily be put into Bundles.  Emails from Delta, Starwoods, and Hertz go into Travel.  Banking messages into Finance.  Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn go to Social.  Yet they are also still in your inbox.  It’s almost like having several mini-Inboxes going at once based on the types of messages.

Add to this the fact that you can schedule how emails come to you.  Don’t want to see finance emails as they come in?  No problem, schedule the Bundle to only appear each morning at 7a.  Want to use rules for custom Bundles?  No problem, it will even start with any existing rules you have setup to label emails.

My biggest concern with it is the my current gmail accounts don’t receive enterprise level email volumes.  I’m curious to see if the experience holds up as the volume of email grows.  But given what I’ve seen so far, I’m very optimistic.


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