7 Lessons I’ve learned from blogging daily (or at least trying to)…

  1. Clearing the head daily of that one thought that’s been rattling around is highly therapeutic.  It’s rare that I get hung up on ideas any more that I don’t have time to focus on.  Throwing them out to the world and revisiting them occasionally keeps me involved with them without distracting me.
  2. Writing during the bad weeks is more important than writing when things are working as they should be.  For better or worse this blog is a safe zone for me to let things out on.
  3. It is more than possible to maintain a 60 hour a week job while also posting something (with at least a little thought behind it) everyday.  The time exists if the will/motivation does.
  4. Writing more has led me to read and research more.  If I don’t want to look like a complete moron in my writings I have to be on par or ahead of the latest trends on given topics.  I also have to research to make sure I don’t say something flat out stupid.
  5. I’ve given up trying to predict if the people in know in real life read my blog.  It turns out that most of the people you deal with don’t want to also read what you have to say.  Also turns out that I probably don’t blame them and may in fact agree with them.
  6. Having a main topic for your blog is important.  Sticking to it less so.  I honestly could try and justify how this post is related to CRE but there really isn’t a point.  This is about me and not you :).
  7. Blogging daily is ultimately fun and full of surprises.  Surprises are why I do this.  Surprise myself, surprised by readership growth, surprised by the ideas that come about.  It’s fun to take the risk of putting myself out there without spending 25 hours per post pouring over every word and comma.  Spelling and grammar errors are just part of the process.  A little risk ain’t a bad thing.