How the Holidays teach us why Alternative #Workplace can work for anyone.

Starting during the week of Thanksgiving and continuing until just past New Year’s Day, take a look around the office you work in.  How many people are there in the workstations, offices and the Executive areas?  How many of them are truly on vacation versus simply working from home?

The floor walk this time of year can be eye opening.  Business continues to make money, work gets done, people get it done while balancing their home requirements.  Managers consider it the one month they don’t have to worry about looking over everyone’s shoulders.

But why does this have to be a once a month thing?  This time of year proves that the model can work the rest of the year, it just takes some work and planning.  If HR and Management can let the work from home model work during this time of year they can make it work anytime.

Yes, we need offices and workstations but we can learn to share and make due for the most part.  Come in 10 times a month instead of 22 times. Stop by for mornings and lunch and then close out the day at home.  There’s plenty of options to make it work.

And all of them save on your real estate costs while increasing productivity and employee retention.


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