Pareto Principle and Blogging.

80% of what you (I) write is filler.

20% of what you (I) write is good.

5% of what you (I) write is really good.

1% of what you (I) write is actually worth something.

If you (I) post 200 times a year that means 160 posts are just “eh” to 10 that are really eye catching and only 2 worth sticking around for.  Of course this assumes a baseline of talent for the particular writer.  My “Actually Worth Something” is maybe equivalent to Seth Godin’s “Eh” posts.  So there’s that too…..


2 thoughts on “Pareto Principle and Blogging.

  1. The same ratio holds true for everyone. The more I write the better my 80% becomes, the better my 5% becomes, the better my 1% becomes. This is simply an acknowledgement of a fact that we should all know about our writing. Not everything will be the post that wins an award or gets us acknowledgement.

    Filler doesn’t have to be bad. It’s the stuff that’s there and fills us in around the edges. It gives our readers a glimpse into the average us. Those posts that are really good I could never have gotten to without the other 80%. Those gave me the experience and practice and patience to put together the ones that jump out.

    This post is simply self-reflection that hopefully all bloggers/writers do because to get better we must first acknowledge that there is room to get better.

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