Apps that I can’t live without – 2014.

Here’s the list of apps I use daily and how/why.  Maybe you’ll find a couple useful.  Note that all of these are the Android version as I have not recently used iOS versions of any of them.

  • Google Now.  The single greatest application for anyone invested in the Google environment.  This app/service is amazing for anyone who travels or wants to surface news or information that they look for a lot or have an interest in.
  • Feedly.  I absolutely love this application.  All of my RSS feeds come to my phone in an amazingly friendly and easy to organize way.  I have found no better way of reading and organizing all of the news and blogs that I follow than this.
  • TouchDown by NitroDesk.  I have used this app for my Outlook email for 3+ years now.  In my opinion it is hands down better than the default Android app for Exchange and works extremely well for everything I’ve ever needed it to do.  It’s not as good as iOS default email but then, what is?
  • Any.Do.  My task management application (although Google Now is starting to take over some of its functionality for reminders).  At this point I only really use it to return missed calls but for that purpose alone it is extremely useful.
  • Facebook.  I’m ashamed but I do use it.
  • HD Widgets.  A great collection of customizable widgets to customize your phone screens to simplify tasks and finding information.
  • Evernote.  Others have provided all the reasons you could need or want for why to use this application.  Just know it’s great for organizing your digital information.
  • Google Inbox.  The newest application in my stable of tools.  A profoundly different way of dealing with email and I’m in love with it.  If you can get an invite and use gmail, I highly recommend it.  Still in a true Beta with many new features still to come.
  • Lookout Security.  I still use this as my default security application.  Simple, easy and well reviewed.

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