The top BoxThoughts posts of 2014. I enjoyed re-reading them at least.

It was a good year here at BoxThoughts.  We almost doubled our audience while maintaining a steady flow of material.  I’m not going to do a top 10 or 20 or whatever because you can each find your own favorites (if you care to at all).  But these are the four most read and also (in my opinion at least) four of the best.

So here’s the top posts that people read around here this year:

  1. #CRE Needs to Have a #Hacker Mentality.  The run away winner on the year and also a topic I keep coming back to on a regular basis personally. Hacking standard operations is the single best way to get ahead.
  2. How Much Conflict do You Allow on Your Team?  Culture is important to me (if you haven’t noticed).  Apparently it’s important to a lot of others as well.
  3. 4 Stages of the Business Cycle: What Role Does It Play in #CRE Decisions?  Business cycles impact real estate decisions probably more than any other business situation.  Knowing where your business is in the cycle will make a big difference in the decisions you make.
  4. Why Global #Workplace Standard Will Never Take Off.  Workplace standards is always a fun topic.  Global standards are even more fun.

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