What the Sony hack should teach you about your #CRE projects.

If the only lesson you take away from the Sony hack situation is “be careful what you put in writing” then you are missing several major lessons.  That’s a lesson all of us should have learned many times over before this point.  The bigger lessons are these:

  • Strategy can’t be put together entirely offline.  Your strategy decisions (and how you get to them) live forever.  Always be thinking about future audiences will view your current decisions.
  • Just because you have a conversation offline doesn’t mean that pieces of it won’t make their way back online through quotes in other conversations.  This is a hyper-connected world where anything can make its way online.
  • Panic is always bad and should be avoided in written or offline conversations.
  • Secrets always find their way out in the least useful way possible.  Always be prepared to deal with it.

This is particularly true for CRE projects which often require a significant element of secrecy to ensure that negotiations are protected.


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