Is the time of traditional Cable near an end?

An article over at GigaOM just got me really excited:  Dish’s new Sling TV service liberates ESPN from the cable bundle.  (This deal also includes many Turner and Disney channels for $20/mo.)

Add this to the news that HBO may offer their service separately from cable providers.  (Likely at $15 to $20/mo.)

Take those and add them to Netflix + Amazon Prime + Hulu and you get a really interesting cord cutter package for a lot less than cable.  In fact, by my math this would add up to around $68/mo leaving a savings of over $30 per month while maintaining most of your desired shows.  That savings can be put toward the purchase of any shows/movies that aren’t in the above groupings already.  And when you need to save money you can always cut back as needed.

Basically- get everything you want, more conveniently, at a lower cost and without a middleman.

Warm up the band, I won’t miss cable TV companies.


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