Is Facebook@Work the tool that finally fixes enterprise collaboration?

As you’ve seen, I’m big on culture.  The best way to create a dynamic and successful organizational culture is to encourage free collaboration among employees.  To date there have been a number of tools that have attempted this (email, Lync, Slack, etc) but none have really caught on.

Facebook is introducing their Facebook@Work program that could change the dynamics.

Let’s start by saying I’m not naturally inclined to be a Facebook fan.  I do have an account but I am friends with less than 100 people on it.  It’s something I use simply to follow true friends and family.  I rarely post to it because being that public with my private life has always felt a bit weird for me.

But taking the base Facebook functionality and applying it to the work world (with a solid and unmovable wall between work and personal hopefully) could change the dynamics.  One of the things I most desire working from home is a way of communicating passively (not through email or phone) with coworkers.  Facebook is the perfect platform for this.

A community site for the business could be a huge boost to creativity as well.  It would be an easy place for casual and on-going brainstorming as well as a great way to meet people similar to yourself/your function across the firm.  Internal networking is as important as external networking.

Will it work?  I don’t know.  Facebook hasn’t given me much reason to trust them with data historically and I could see them trying to cross the work and personal sides at some point which would be a deal breaker for me.  But at the very least they will draw a ton of attention to the space and hopefully advance it forward quite a bit.


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