Want to scale what you do? Make sure you do these 7 things.

Scaling a solution is the key to long term efficiency (and therefore profitability).  To do scale right you have to address these 7 items at a minimum.

  1. Productization.  Step 1 is to treat everything you do like a product.  Do you negotiate leases for a living?  Stop treating each as a stand-alone project that needs to be unique and special.  You can scale ad hoc.
  2. “Fast” Implementation.  Ensure that everything you do is in a nice little package that can be started and kicked off quickly.  A quick start ensures early buy-in.
  3. Adaptability.  This may seem like it goes against the first two points but it doesn’t.  Every project/client is going to have some unique components which makes some level of configuration and adaptation a requirement.
  4. Store of Knowledge.  Scale by definition means that more than 1 person should be involved and clients should be self-sufficient where possible.  This can only be done through some store of knowledge that can let people educate themselves.
  5. Support.  Going with point 4, support must be possible quickly and easily by a broad team.  It can’t be a bottleneck.
  6. Non-dedicated Sales.  If your product/service is truly scaled it can sell itself, be sold by someone outside your team or through a variety of other means.
  7. User Expectations.  Last but certainly not least in this list is the ability to easily set user expectations.  If we are moving away from dedicated support and rolling out quickly users will still need some way of understanding what they are supposed to do.