I’m becoming more of an early adopter as time passes….#eero

Yesterday while reading through my typical tech news I came across a deluge of articles discussing a new product (not even available for early review yet) called eero that is attempting to fix home wifi.  Color me intrigued.

Reading through the site I couldn’t help but imagine living in a house where I can control and eliminate deadspots.  I live in a 2 story house with my office at the top corner.  This makes getting signal to the bottom opposite corner (the living room) very difficult.  I’ve tried everything from moving around the main modem/router to wireless extenders and have yet to find a middle ground that is good for both the work day, video streaming and general device use around the house randomly.

It’s a problem that I’ve been fighting for more than 2 years in this house now.  If this solution makes life even a little better I will dance around.

More to come (hopefully this summer) after I actually receive the devices.


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