Some more things that I’m now responsible for that I never quite expected….

  • When there are 15 priorities, how do I choose the most urgent?
  • When is it appropriate to get in the weeds and when do you stay high level?  Does everyone need to be in this meeting coming up?
  • What’s the correct balance between Big Flashy New Product Version 1 and Cool, Simple Small Tool Version 0.5?  Surely we can’t work only on the big stuff…
  • How do we keep this development thing fun and not stagnate into cookie cutter everything?
  • How do I graduate people to bigger responsibilities?
  • How do I teach my sales people to take along that new graduate?
  • When do we get to say “Screw it” and Raise the Calico Jack?

Not looking for answers as I’ve had to answer them all and I’m sure I’ve made mistakes.  It’s just some interesting reflection.


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