SharePoint….don’t ever use it for real technology needs.

I have a particular dislike of SharePoint.  And it’s not the applications fault.  It’s easy to setup, use and manage (relatively speaking).  It can check all the boxes on any checklist you might have for the features you need in your applications.

My problem with SharePoint is that it is so easy that it cannot be maintained effectively long-term.  SharePoint is often the solution when people want to create something that needs to change and evolve over time.  The problem with change and evolution in business process can be defined in one word:  entropy.

Processes become more complex over time if effort is not put in to keep them logical and organized.  SharePoint enables change and increased complexity.  For any 6 month period after a new SharePoint instance is created things are fine.  After that, all bets are off.

Take a look at any SharePoint “solution” that has been around for 2 years or more.  You will uncover the most frightening data management practices you’ve ever behold.  Guaranteed.  I’ve had to turn over more than a few of these rocks and it never goes well.

SharePoint makes your life easy today.  But it never provides a true long-term solution.  Ever.


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