Art of the Tech Headquarters

Uber’s new headquarters plans are making the round in all of the tech/cre circles….and for good reason.  Between Google, Apple, Uber and others there are a lot of statement buildings being constructed.  The natural question for these high growth companies is why they are investing in statement locations.

The big reason is recruitment and retention.  Big, new, flashy headquarters are a perk for employees.  They get to brag to their friends about how they work in the coolest building in the world.  San Francisco and Silicon Valley are highly competitive environments which explains part of the growth in these new architecturally amazing buildings.

The other reason is perception.  These buildings are art.  They stand as a statement of a company’s values and view of the world.  Is this a great use of money in and of itself?  Depends on your perspective. But it’s the same view that went into the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Willis Tower, and many others of the older, iconic buildings across the world.  Craftsmanship has been changing and this is the new version of it.


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