Be wrong! Why it is the best thing you can do for yourself and your clients.

I say it a lot and I will keep saying it.  CRE is a hard field because it touches so many areas of both business and the economy.  It is absolutely impossible to be right all the time on all topics.  Being right all the time is often interpreted as being dishonest about when you make mistakes or are wrong.

Trust is built through human interactions and two people learning each other to a degree where they can predict future behaviors and like what they predict.  Trust is the cornerstone of this industry.  All of our relationships, clients and solutions are predicated on a high degree of trust.

By being wrong, and owning being wrong, you are able to emphasize where you are an expert, where you need help and how you will behave when things start going wrong with a future solution.  Being wrong occasionally will actually strengthen your relationships and give people greater confidence in everything else you do.

….of course with that said, being wrong too often or on the wrong topics isn’t a good thing.  Don’t screw up if you can help it but it is inevitable.


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