The best way to get a deal done or grow a business is the same – trust people.

Trust often seems hard to come by in the business world.  It requires you to put part of your success and future into others outside of your control.  Trust is notoriously fickle in the slow to build, easy to break ways.

But trust is the foundation of things getting done.  If you don’t trust (at least in some ways) then you will constantly be treading over the same ground repeatedly.  Nothing fast will happen and no one will volunteer to help out because they know their efforts will be in vane from the beginning.

This is not to say that you should trust indiscriminately but that you should know when, where and who to trust.  Some people you trust to run the financials, some to deal with the client directly and others to keep everything else running.  Trust outside of these areas may not exist yet.

If you don’t trust people to do their jobs you will quickly find your belief to be self-fulfilling.  Those who don’t trust are usually rewarded by being lonely and stuck doing everything themselves.  Hard to grow that way.


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