I don’t write about specific people or events.

A post over at AVC about “aiming posts” is giving me the opportunity to share one of the rules I have for myself here:  I do not write about a specific person or event with any posts.  As Fred at AVC says “Of course I have those temptations from time to time but I feel that using this blog as a way to send a message to someone or some company is not appropriate and I don’t do that.”

I will own that situations or events may spur an idea to come to mind but if that event is too specific to genericize I delete or write something different.  I do try to stay away from specifics both good and bad.  Part of my process for that is to try and keep the “bad thoughts” away from my posts and keep them as positive as possible.

This is the reason that while most of my time is spent supporting accounts you rarely see me put too many thoughts down around how to support accounts or to improve how things work.  Because I only work with a small group it would be too easy for anything written to feel targeted.

No one has said that they have felt targeted but I thought it was worth putting down since I don’t want anyone to feel that I’m writing about them.


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