Data that doesn’t exist often says more than the data that does.

Take a look at the marketing pages for different communities around the US.  They all play to their strengths when it comes to attracting companies.  This is only natural because if you are a hotbed for Aerospace Engineers then you should probably be advertising to make the most use out of that population.  Nothing wrong there at all.

But take a look at the macro metrics that are included or not.  Which ones play up their low crime?  Which ones don’t mention unemployment?  Are there small business metrics?  The way marketing works is that you do everything you can to avoid having to talk about your weaknesses unless you have a clear message to make it a strength to some.

The same holds true about business marketing and billboard advertisements and marketing campaigns.  Strengths often are indicators of weaknesses.  Going to strong to a particular point often shows a hedge against a potential weakness.

Be sure to look in between the gaps to understand the unspoken messages.  Knowing what wasn’t said is more important than understanding the marketed message given to you.


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