Every day there is a moment of creative energy….follow it.

Not every moment is blessed to be one filled with world changing ideas or even solutions to the latest client situation.  Solutions and ideas come from that subconscious place within each of us that cannot be manually accessed, it simply bubbles to the surface occasionally.  For some it happens regularly, for others a bit less so.

When the subconscious shouts you should stand up and take notice because this is the moment where things may change.  You may suddenly save yourself hours of work with a new simple idea.  You may have an idea that generates a million dollars.  Or you may simply come up with the perfect anniversary present for your wife (which is worth more than a million dollars sometimes).

Follow where these ideas lead because it may just be the tip of the iceberg.  Break out a notebook, open up Evernote or simply strike up a stream-of-consciousness conversation with someone who you think well around.  Ideas are precious and to waste one is  a crime.


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