Creativity is loud.

Creativity is a loud function.  The best of it should jump out and catch you by surprise and take your breath away.  Even at its most subtle Creativity should stand up and force people to take notice.

This thought comes to mind because often innovation and creativity are confused.  Innovation can be invisible, it can be expected, it can feel completely natural and everyday when done right.  Sometimes Innovation and creativity align but they exist more as a Venn diagram than running in the same circles.

Loud sometimes takes people the wrong way because it is flashy.  Some have an aversion to flash and pomp.  They think that subdued is better.  But the secret is that loud can be subdued and subtle.  All black in a grey room can be extremely loud in a subtle way.  A picture with perfect shadows can be very hard to catch the first time but you won’t be able to avoid the loud after you see it.

Let your creativity sing!


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