Bitcoin is just the precursor to the new digital financial world.

There was a lot of talk a few years back about how Bitcoin was going to take over the digital commerce world.  It brought currency into the digital age and re-introduced the world to the concept of non-government backed funds (although really no different than gold or other materials based on limited supply).

The reality of Bitcoin was much different from the hype though.  It has continued to slowly gain ground but has not yet brought the promised revolution.  In reality this is likely to be good for the long-term.  Quick disruption is often viewed as dangerous and undesirable.  Slow disruption becomes part of our everyday without a second thought.

As a handful of new companies begin to support Bitcoin each year it starts to feel like considered evolution.  The late adopters have an opportunity to really think about it.  Companies and competitors have an option to release competition, come out with arguments against it or start accepting Bitcoin.  So far it’s been a (relatively) peaceful path over recent months.  That’s a strong sign for continued growth.

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