Communication is the building block of everything.

From the dawn of humanity, our culture has been built upon finding better ways to communicate.  From the first words to convey what was in our heads to stories that remind us of the lessons of our past to music to convey our feelings and inner most desires to writing to pass along our thoughts into the future.  Communication is the foundation of much of our humanity.

Communication is also our biggest weakness and point of failure.  We strinve to communicate better because it escapes us so often.  We need communication to drive our interactions with others.  Behind all communication is our hidden thoughts.  What have we not communicated?  What was left out?  Are the words we are being given lies?  Our mind tells us to be careful and hear more than what is said.

Effective communication requires the understanding of both the message that is sent, the message as it is received and the experiences of both parties that shaped the form, style and method of the communication.


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