Message without meaning is just noise.

When faced with silence most of us seek to fill it.  When a conversation drifts we try to bring it back.  If someone seems lost we try to guide them back.  Words begin to flow.

The same is true in sales.  Many simply say platitudes that sound great but you could never put in a contract because they don’t mean anything.  “We will make your real estate more effective.”  “We have industry leading technology.”  “Our approach is 20% better than any one elses.”  “This method is patented.”  It all sounds great and is an attempt to build confidence but in reality none of these phrases have meaning.  They are noise.

No one can prove effectiveness or industry leading.  No one can measure an approach.  Patents are granted to terrible ideas all the time as long as someone is willing to pay the fee.  Messages without any meaning.

Look at what you say to be sure your messages add value and don’t just sound good until someone starts thinking about it.