What do you need to do to be a mover of CRE Technology? ….let’s start with the basics. #CRETech @dukelong

I love me some Duke Long.  He recently visited CRETech in NYC (why have I not made it yet?  I have to be nuts….) and came back with a post about the event.  I’ll wait here while you go read it.

Done?  You haven’t read it….?  Try again and then we’ll start.

If you don’t know what a Blockchain is then you have no business being in the CRE Technology space.  Bone up or leave now.  Seriously?  If you can’t explain the basics of how Bitcoin (and now many other modern digital actions) work then you can’t be taken seriously in this space.

I don’t care if you own, control, manage, operate, or have visibility to Trillions of dollars in assets.  Great, you’re big in CRE.  But that makes you at most an investor in CRE Technology.  You have no place in the discussions.

I’m dead serious.  At this point Bitcoin and its fundamental technology is the basics.  I don’t need you to be able to build it.  But you damn well better be able to give me even a 70% accurate 30 second description.

And people wonder why I’m bearish on CRE Technology……..