Fear and trust cannot coexist.

Off topic for today but with the events in Paris and the dialogue taking place in the US the last couple of days I feel a need to at least say something.  I’m sitting in New York as I write this within site of where the World Trade Center towers used to be.  Maybe that’s what’s causing this feeling.

The events in Paris were absolutely horrific and tragic.  There is nothing that can make it better or right – not even time.  My prayers and thoughts go to anyone impacted.

But as humans we have a choice now.  Do we give into our fear and choose to trust no one?  This choice can lead to not just mistrust of Syrian refugees but eventually to your neighbors.  If ISIS can hide terrorists within Syrian refugees over the next year, what says they haven’t gotten them in over the last year?  How many US residents has ISIS made sympathetic?

The world is scary and filled with the potential for tragedy.  If we want absolute protection then our only hope is to hand all decisions and authority over to a group like the CIA/NSA to watch everything that all of us do all the time.  I don’t want to live in that world.

I choose to believe in a world where most people are good and decent.  Based on what I’ve been reading on Facebook, Twitter and many news sites this won’t be a popular belief.  Most of you may believe I’m naive.  Maybe I am but I don’t want to live with others dictating how I live.


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