I cannot believe it has been 10 years since I graduated from Georgia Tech.

Writing some last week caused me to realize that I’ve been out of school for a decade.  I now have 10 years of post-graduation experience.  This doesn’t seem right.  Inside I still feel like its only been 5 years.

This isn’t some magical milestone though.  Experience starts before graduation and sometimes as far back as high school but a decade since receiving a diploma feels like a good way of at least marking time.

My career to date owes a lot to a lot of people.  Hopefully you all know who you are and what you’ve done for me.  Whether you were around for a month or a year or longer.  Just like everyone I’m a product of those that I have worked with – whether I adopted your processes or learned from watching your experiences.  Thanks.

I will also say I’ve had the very good fortune of being part of the Mentor Jackets program at Georgia Tech and have been able to pay back some of the good fortune I’ve received.  What I’ve been able to give back is also thanks to all of that experience.

This is a small world and karma is real.  I’ll definitely be holding this in mind as I jump into today and tomorrow.  Hopefully everyone else does as well!


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