Marketing is hard – but that is no reason to make it complicated.

It’s really, really hard to tell the story of your value.  It’s even harder to convince a stranger to you and your company to stop and listen to your message.  If you waste the time on words you will fail almost every time.  Words are too specific and too easily rejected as not being the right words.

Marketing is the art of convincing others to listen to your message and relate their situation to you in a way that convinces them to use you for a service or to buy your product.  If they can’t relate to your message they can’t be convinced.  Complicated is not something most people want to buy.  People buy to simplify their lives.  They buy to get something that they can’t do themselves but know needs to get done.  They buy to save themselves money.  These are simple ideas.

Fitting complicated concepts into the box needed for simple ideas to take hold is really, really hard.  But it can’t be done with lots of words.


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