Some more thoughts on certifications and self-selected groups.

Yesterday I wrote about the initials that people put after their name.  It made me think about who chooses to attend certification classes: people with a personal stake in advancing themselves through the certification.  If we apply the Pareto Principle: 80% of these people will be selfishly trying to use it and 20% are taking it for personal improvement.  Based on personal experience this seems about right.

Self-selected groups are a common situation but often surprising phenomenon for those not looking for it.  The early adopters are often those excited about a new prospect and honestly trying to make it better.  After a critical peak you start to see people signing up because they see advantages from simply being part of the group.  After a bit longer you have a majority of people simply seeking to be part of the team.  Go long enough and you will have a large majority who are happy with the status quo and don’t want improvement or change.  They are invested in keeping things the way they are – good and bad.

For those looking to start groups or to join one it’s something to think about.


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