Momentum is a powerful effect and requires us to stay Flexible.

Momentum is an effect all of us are seeking in business.  Colleagues and clients can both see and sense it when it takes hold.  When everything in business is moving forward briskly, well communicated and with ease life is wonderful.  It makes sales and delivery both much easier.

Funny thing about momentum – you never know when or how it will show up.  Often it starts somewhere completely unexpected with a team that isn’t the usual core group.  Without flexibility you can easily destroy the momentum by trying to pull it into your more traditional processes.  Sudden unexpected success does not come from the traditional but it can easily be destroyed by thinking inside the box.

Momentum is great.  It causes people to all push in the same direction because 1) it’s easy, 2) it’s fun and 3) it creates something different.  All of these are things that people seek out anyway.  A job that is easy, fun and innovative?  Sign us all up!  That’s what momentum does.  I’ve been in environments though where a new idea starts to take off and it gets completely destroyed by legacy forces that want everything to run their way with no regards for the realities of a situation.

Adaptation is a core principle of well run businesses.  Without flexibility to adapt to new situations you can never hope to be in a position for new opportunities as their windows suddenly open in the future.


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