Change is required for things to start getting better.

Think of what happens when you want to use your lawn mower.  You pull it out of the garage while it sits there all quiet and useless.  Only by pulling the cord does it roar to life and become a tool that allows you to cut the grass.  Until that dramatic pull which turns the engine nothing is possible.  Over time the mower will sputter out and go go quiet.  It may still be running around the yard looking like they are doing something but eventually the grass begins to get taller and people notice that the mower isn’t cutting anymore.  Through sheer momentum it may take time to eventually realize a dramatic move is required to get things started again.

Moving away from metaphors (the lawn mower was your business if you didn’t see it), business often need a strong kick start to get back on track.  The power of momentum and recent history can pull even the most hardy of companies into bad places.  The longer off-course, the more dramatic the change required to get things going again.  A side effect of this dramatic change is that sometimes the change itself causes a separate explosion.

I’m not sure exactly what conclusion I want you to draw except to pay attention.  Watch to see whether the grass is still being cut or just growing too slowly to notice.  Only through attention can you keep things on track.



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