How do you create evangelists for the solutions you are trying to deliver?

Evangelism and business are a good mix.  Excitement is the currency that so many of us work from.  Once you find a solution that excites the market you push it for all it is worth and ride the wave up.  Hopefully that excitement can last longer than just a few months because otherwise it can be a hard fall back to Earth.

Creating excitement is hard though.  There so many skeptics and false prophets that it can be hard to convince people to give you a genuine look.  So much comes down to open honesty.  If you can provide a true honesty in your interactions and solutions you give yourself a chance to be seen as different.  You give people a reason to support you for more than just the handful of dollars you may (or may not) be able to save them.

Honesty can be a challenge.  In business there is always a desire to hedge and put the best spin on something possible.  To promise returns on an investment where the risk and spread generate too much uncertainty to actually make the promise cleanly.  To give guarantees where the conditions are so strict as to make the original promise pointless.

Evangelism requires you to be different and take a risk.  Make yourself part of the story.  Can you do that?


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