No matter anything else, you have to take life by the moment.

The great thing about the future is how unknown it is.  Our entire lives could change tomorrow based on nothing that we did.  Or two years from now we can find ourselves exactly where we planned to be but through a completely unexpected path.

Moments are those seconds, minutes or hours where we find ourselves doing something.  It could be a short conversation or reading a book on the couch or choosing to unexpectedly eat dinner outside instead of at the dining room table.  Moments make our memories.  Moments are the times that we want to repeat in the future (or avoid).  Moments are what make us.

If you plan for everything that can happen, you still haven’t accounted for everything that could happen.  Don’t hope for life to go according to plans, hope for life to be something you can cherish and enjoy.  Make your moments so that you can look back and smile because you stood up for yourself or took a chance or showed love outside of the everyday.  Sometimes you have to remind yourself to dance in the rain even if you are in your suit in New York walking back from a meeting.  Don’t you think you’ll remember that moment of dancing for the rest of your life?  I have no doubt you’ll smile back on the unexpected spontaneity.

Moments are happening all the time and they are individual to each of us.  Laugh, love, cry or scream through them but make them count as often as you can.


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