The secret to accountability: own your responsibilities.

Today I learned that as long as people to know be accountable they don’t have to be.  It’s an interesting philosophy.  If I choose not to be responsible for the core functions of my job then I can’t be held accountable when I do a poor job.

This must be what freedom feels like!

But seriously, being accountable for your job responsibilities should be task one of management.  And if there is any confusion about who is responsible that should be cleared up in about 15 seconds.  It doesn’t even matter which person is given the responsibility as long as someone has it.  A direction is better than nothing.

Even if you don’t have managers willing to hold people responsible it should be a point of personal pride to be responsible for yourself at least.  How hard is it to be responsible for “don’t do stupid s#%*, keep your clients happy and if you don’t know what to do next ask.”

Be accountable.  Do right.  Own your responsibilities.


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