Have you re-evaluated your workplace post-implementation situation?

My couple of years of professional work was spent doing AutoCAD for all kinds of industrial sites and office layouts. I got very good at quickly going through lots of iterations to give project managers a lot of choices for what they could do. I did not do a very good job at really understanding what my drawings represented in the real world.

As time went on I actually got to live and experience the sites that were built from my drawings. I got to understand the importance of thinking about the number of power outlets on empty walls and the difference between a 40 inch hallway and a 48 inch hallway. In time I even came to understand the each seat in my plan was going to be the full time home of another person for quite a long time.

It is amazing to me how the up-front process can go so quickly that no one has time to really think through all the above on small to medium projects – sometimes even really large projects. Hindsight being what it famously is, it is important for us to take time after the fact to see what we can do to come back in and further improve things. Go live day does not mean that nothing else can be done later. More is always possible.


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