8 most visited posts from Box Thoughts in 2016

2016 was a great year here at Box Thoughts. There were some ups and downs but overall I think the content was our best yet and sets a really high bar going into 2017. Here are 8 of the most read posts during the year.

Just received my @geteero (3 units for home) and set them up in ~10 total minutes.

Naturally the top post in 2016 had nothing to do with real estate although it does fall firmly into the future of technology. Earlier this year I pre-ordered and then received my home eero mesh wireless system. I have to admit to loving it still and recommend that you check it out or Google’s new competitor.

Communication is different on phone vs. email vs. text vs. IM

An older post – from back in 2013! – rising back up in 2016. Just goes to show that my fascination with the importance of communication is not misplaced. I’m happy to see some of the older posts continuing to rise to the top, especially when they are on topics so near and dear to me still!

Test your skills with fivethirtyeight.com’s The Riddler

The Riddler! Still the best way to test your statistical/math/logic mind every Friday at 8a Eastern. Sometimes it’s way (way (WAY)) over my head but it’s still a good reminder that I have more to learn.

If you don’t know your personal 2 year plan take some time to think through it today.

I am a big believer in planning for your future. The experiences you get today will form the basis of what you do tomorrow. It should never be explicitly about improving your resume but more around improving your ability to do different things in the future. Two years is a good window to plan within so that you can actually make the goals achievable without looking too far out.

My thoughts on the Brexit and its impact on CRE.

2016 was a crazy year and in many ways the crazy kicked off with the Brexit vote. In case you were under a rock, Brexit was the vote in the United Kingdom where they voted to begin the process of formally leaving the EU. It’s going to take some time for the impact of this decision to really be felt but the next two years will tell us a lot of the exit continues to move forward.

Why I dismiss most “Big Data” surveys out of hand.

There are few buzzwords that I hate more than “Big Data.” It’s shorthand for everything from “more data than fits in my spreadsheet” to “my really cool software does something I don’t understand” to “we process lots of data for unknown reasons” to “we actually have a metric-crapton of data and have plans to actually do something productive with it.” But really very, very few companies are effectively using actual big data yet. Most still just use “lots of” data.

Real Estate is the anti-zero sum game

I love corporate real estate. This is another older post, this time from 2012. CRE is the ultimate physical reflection of business strategy being executed. Only in real estate can you both improve top-line revenue, reduce bottom-line costs and improve employee retention and productivity. Get real estate right and business can take off. Get it wrong and you can actually hurt your future.

What is important to me – thinking through change.

2016 has been a good year for me. I’ve learned a lot about myself, what I want to achieve and learned a lot about management and leadership along the way. Change is often status quo, knowing how to deal with it is important.