It takes passion to carry an idea from initiation to completion

Passion is a topic that I’ve been dwelling on a lot recently. There are many levels to passion – short bursts of intensity to day long desires to get something off the plate to long-term smoldering fires of ambition. Each level of passion involves a burning desire to do something.

My best work comes during periods where I can feel the passion flowing. It’s in the days where I feel the need to get something out of my head at 9 o’clock at night and suddenly realize that it’s 3 am and I haven’t stopped yet. Often it occurs outside of technology and reflects itself on my whiteboard or drawing pad as I try to give form to my thoughts.

One thing I’ve found to be true – I always prefer people with a passion to drive toward a solution. Passion leads to quicker results. You don’t see someone passionate about an issue waiting 3 months between meetings and updates. You don’t see someone full of passion simply hoping others get the answer for them so they don’t have to put in the efforts.

My favorite arguments all stemmed from direct discussions with someone equally passionate about the topic. There is something amazing that comes from arguments between two people trying to get the right result but completely disagreeing on what needs to happen. Passionate arguments can lead to amazing results and stronger relationships because you get to see into the core of what drives someone.


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