Very little is impossible to accomplish when you define the problem correctly.

So much of success comes down to how you define success. It’s a feat that is self-fulfilling if done right. One person’s success may be in completing a marathon while another’s may be walking around their block three weeks in a row. Success is what you need it to be at the moment of definition.

The same goes for business projects. If your definition of success is to be a billionaire by 30 or to create a billion dollar business, you will likely be disappointed. However, if your goal is to collect experiences that will allow you to be given more responsibility over some amount of time, you have a higher likelihood of success.

Similarly, if you update your definition of success every few months, years, and decades you will continually push the boundaries of what you expected to do. Success is not actually an event – it’s a habit. Success breeds success and is built from doing one thing at a time.

Failure is often a requirement for future success because only through failure can we understand where our problem definitions were out of alignment with what we were actually trying to accomplish.


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