Do you remember the iPhone release and how the world changed?

Probably not, because the world did not change with the release of the iPhone. There was no immediate shift in ability. There was no sudden realization that the world was different. In fact, many thought that the initial iPhone was a very imperfect device (which history has proved out). It was only years later that the world really started to noticeably shift. The iPhone was the lever that enabled the shift but the lever was pulled by others.

The world rarely changes overnight. Even when war is declared, it was usually a long time coming. America’s Declaration of Independence is celebrated every year as a day that the world changed but, again, the act was a long time in coming. It did not simply spring into existence.

In real estate, this is truer than in most other areas. Any act we make usually has months or years of planning behind it. Any sudden reaction could have been foreseen with the right information to hand. Our world is one where change is slow and hard fought.

But when change starts in slow moving fields, it comes all the stronger when the lever finally gains purchase.

As I look out at the real estate landscape, I see the move of agile working to be changing the world. Slowly the definition of what corporate real estate is is changing. Our world in 10 years will be almost unrecognizable from 10 years ago.

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