This is simply the way that buzzwords work

A buzzword is any word or phrase that seems to have a commonly understood definition and doesn’t need explanation. In real estate buzzwords include agile, flexible, productivity. In business, generally, you get holistic, efficiency, utilization. In technology there is platform, cloud, SaaS, powered by, and user experience. In the media today, it’s things like deep state, fake news, collusion.

These words cause a reader to automatically put a starting context to everything that comes next. Specifically, these words are usually used in a way to specifically color a reader or listener’s perception of a topic.

If I were to say “This platform increases productivity through an efficient user experience.” it may seem like I’ve said something interesting on the surface. The buzzwords often replace the requirement to give additional detail. When dropped in the middle of a conversation, these words take on the color of the conversation prior while really not doing anything but sounding nice.

Anymore, I can’t read the news without seeing the words “fake” or “deep state” somewhere in one of the headlines. These words currently cause people to react and want to click on an article. They trigger emotions without conveying information. When a word creates action without needing meaning, it has value to anyone who is trying to accomplish a lot with only a little effort.

I can’t say this often enough, but anyone who uses buzzwords in this way doesn’t deserve your attention unless you are looking for calorie-free information.