About Me

Hello brave Reader, my name is David Music.  I write here at Box Thoughts for myself and whoever happens to stumble into this rabbit hole with me.  I’ve worked in the world of Corporate Real Estate (CRE) for over a decade and spend most of my days thinking on the various subject from a variety of angles. I happen to think it is a topic that too few explore regularly and in-depth.

I am not a real estate broker, never have been and do not plan to ever become one (though I work with and have supported my fair share).  Throughout my career, I’ve done everything from design, construction and project management for industrial buildings to technology design and development to workforce planning to building CAD block libraries.  It’s a pretty broad range.  

Over the  years, I have become more and more focused on the intersection of technology, strategy, and day-to-day service delivery.  For a function that is 10 to 20% of an organization’s cost, CRE has very little support from internal groups such as IT.  By focusing on the intersection of process, people, and technology I can make things better.

So expect me to write about whatever pops into my head on the day but you will likely see heavy leanings toward technology and process improvement.  Although I caution you, the Reader, things will often go on seemingly random tangents simply because CRE can really be anything at all.